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De Havilland Mosquito (N474PZ)
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De Havilland Mosquito (N474PZ)



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Gavin Hughes
Gets the pulse racing just seeing an in-flight photo. Simply, a great shot.
Alan Brown
Great photo! Thank you for sharing.
Great foto of an awesome aircraft!
John moffitt
This is an absolutely beautiful photo. Well done
ian mcdonell
As good as it gets thanks for posting
Jacques Heroux
Amazing and very beautiful bird ...great shot,light and details !!!
Edward Hopgood
very good shot well done
gwapo santa
My father on beaufigher ww2
Alan Hume
My uncle, 95 and still kicking, served as a navigator on Mosquitoes for the RAF in WWII on photo-reconnaissance missions before and after bombing raids. His role was paramount in finding their intended target. He never talked about it much but he did say they were a great and reassuring aircraft to be in especially since his aircraft was totally unarmed!
Great shot. Thanks.
rodolfo sero
Amazing photo!!!
rodolfo sero
Amazing photo!!!
Probably the most beautiful photo I've seen of the De Havilland Mosquito. Thank You!
Russ Brown
Plywood doesn't dimple-beautiful.
Brad Wong
Brilliant - great shot, prop blur!!
Peter Sayers
Great shot of the fighter version.
Stephen Jensen
Absolutely gorgeous!
Abbas Hosseini
Great photo thanks for sharing
William Barker
Excellent photo, Habu. Especially the way it caught those perfectly synced props.

(I like your handle. The SR was my life through the mid to late 60s at Lockheed and Beale.)


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