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Toby Sharp
somebody wash that thang!
John Giambone
Cool Shot Habujet! That thing needs a bath! Is that Oil streaking all over those engines and fusealge?
Jim Quinn
I wouldn't want to fly in an aircraft looking like that. I'd be wanting to find that oil leak! (Or leaks!)
Pablo Rogina
Given the reddish appearance of the leaks, I'd say it's hydraulic fluid not oil...
To me, it looks more like it's a star wars themed aircraft. They did a great artistic paint job there. what do you think...
Matt Lacey
Or they smeared blood on it to ward off the Reavers.
Somebody better fix that hydraulic leak(s)...soon!
Leander Williams
These pass over my place several times a day on their way to Miramar.
Good Day! At the airport that I am based out, When these come in for fuel, they hot load with the engines running. I have seen it if they shut them down, they may not get them going again
David Hopkins
Dirt and oil notwithstanding, that's a great shot!
Matt - "ward off the Reavers" -- at least one person got this reference :-) Mal kept Serenity looking better than this !
Donna Yost
Ok, where is all the helicopter pilots? This beast is like the CH-47, "If it isn't leaking, it isn't working." They leak constantly...
"Rode hard and put away wet!" She's a work horse!!
As a former crew chief on Phrogs, we always hot refueled, and sometimes hot seated PUIs. We also ensured we fueled up at the end of flights before parking and shutting down. A full fuel bag resists the formation of condensate inside the tanks thus no water in the sumps the next morning when taking fuel samples.
john cook
She's a Hanger Queen.
des fuites des fuites d huile......C est une passoire
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