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SO.....what is it?
Gerald Cashen
Beach 18 3T not sure if it is still owned by Kay Air in Ontario Canada. This a/c was built in 1944 for the US Air force
James Whiting
Wasn't it called the "Expiditer"? I remember something like this without the pontoons from my air cadet days. Shows how old I am.
john cook
Holly Sky King, Clutch!
Depending on the model it was the Beech 18, C-45 Expeditor, AT-7 Navigator, AT-11 Kansan or just plain Twin Beech.
Fun plane to fly and to do wheel landings with.
It is still owned by Kay Air. I flew on it in June 2013 out of Ear Falls Ontario. He was flying for Eddie Showalter Fishing.
In the original series, "Sky King" flew the Cessna T-50 "Bobcat" (aka "Bamboo Bomber"). It had a similar appearance but was much smaller than the Beech 18.
Dave Blevins
This is definitely something you don't see every day in the lower 48.
model: Beechcraft 18, UC-45F,3T Registration: C-FTBH, and C-TBH Year: 1944 Serial Number: Beech c/n 62626, AAF 44-35671, HB210 Engine's: P&W R985, 9-Cyl. Radials, 450-HP Each
Tim Turner
I remember seeing 2 of these aircraft years ago at the floatplane base by Richardsons grain elevator, Thunder Bay Ontario. Both are now gone, hope to a better place even flying again.


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