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Boeing 737-800 (N36272)


22 approach.


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Absolutely AWESOME capture!!! Five Bravos and a TYVM for sharing this pic w/us.
Gavin Hughes
Ditto to Gary's comment.
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thanks guys!
George Hall
I am an airplane model collector. I collect diecast models in various scales as well as building plastic model kits. This Boeing 737-800 United "Star Wars" plane would be a big seller for diecast airplane online distributors. However, I am told by one of my online sources that Disney(who owns the rights to everything related to Star Wars) will not allow this plane to be sold as a diecast model. This makes no sense at all. They could charge a patent fee and reap profits from the sales. It would be a huge item for model collector's like me no matter what the cost would be.
This is truly an amazing photo. What's even more amazing in reviewing the activity log of this aircraft over the past two weeks is that N36272 continues flying to different destinations - giving us a sense that some form of normalcy abounds, and that maybe some of the information we receive from the new media may be somewhat over-sensationalized - not to minimize the pandemic we find ourselves in, but rather to stress that in implementing common sense caution we can still retain some sense of "normal". We've sent humans to the moon, and soon to Mars, why not defeat COVID19. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU . . . . ."
Luis Salgado
George Hall, not sure what size diecast airplanes you collect, but they actually do have this model available at United Airlines shop website, https://unitedshop.summitmg.com/unitedshopr

Unfortunately, the 1/144 model is sold out. I was lucky enough to get one, and it is beautiful. They do still have the bigger 1/100 available, but is ridiculously overpriced at almost $1200!!
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N36272 dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
04/dic/2020 B738internazionale di Denver ()Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland () 10:15 MST 14:41 EST 2:25
02/dic/2020 B738Spokane Intl ()internazionale di Denver () 20:14 PST 23:01 MST 1:47
02/dic/2020 B738internazionale di Denver ()Spokane Intl () 11:23 MST 12:21 PST 1:57
02/dic/2020 B738Int'l di Tampa ()internazionale di Denver () 08:10 EST 09:30 MST 3:19
30/nov/2020 B738internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Tampa () 18:39 MST 23:24 EST 2:45
30/nov/2020 B738Fiorello LaGuardia ()internazionale di Denver () 08:03 EST 09:32 MST 3:28
29/nov/2020 B738internazionale di Denver ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 17:49 MST 22:53 EST 3:03
29/nov/2020 B738Int'l di San Francisco ()internazionale di Denver () 13:14 PST 16:14 MST 1:59
29/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Tampa ()Int'l di San Francisco () 09:15 EST 11:43 PST 5:27
28/nov/2020 B738internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Tampa () 20:25 CST 22:57 EST 1:31
28/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()internazionale di Houston () 14:21 CST 16:42 CST 2:20
27/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Tampa ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 15:03 EST 16:29 CST 2:25
27/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Int'l di Tampa () 09:47 CST 12:53 EST 2:05
27/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Baltimora-Washington Thurgood Marshall ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 07:08 EST 07:41 CST 1:32
26/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Int'l di Baltimora-Washington Thurgood Marshall () 14:53 CST 17:13 EST 1:19
26/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 10:32 CST 12:21 CST 1:48
25/nov/2020 B738internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 18:20 MST 20:43 CST 1:22
25/nov/2020 B738Int'l di San Francisco ()internazionale di Denver () 13:19 PST 16:11 MST 1:51
25/nov/2020 B738internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di San Francisco () 10:15 MST 11:40 PST 2:24
25/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()internazionale di Denver () 05:20 PST 08:25 MST 2:04
24/nov/2020 B738internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 19:49 MST 21:23 PST 2:33
24/nov/2020 B738Int'l Boston-Logan ()internazionale di Denver () 15:33 EST 18:04 MST 4:30
23/nov/2020 B738Int'l di San Francisco ()Int'l Boston-Logan () 11:47 PST 19:42 EST 4:54
23/nov/2020 B738Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Int'l di San Francisco () 07:05 CST 09:39 PST 4:33
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