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Boeing 787-9 (4X-EDF)


13R approach.


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Gary Schenauer
Another superior closeup capture.
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thanks a bunch Gary!!
Gavin Hughes
Great, great pic, in your face as usual. At least you guys are getting a bit of variety to photograph - half your luck!
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thank you so much Gavin! I had to Google the phrase "half your luck" Thank you so much but the credits go to Dakota who was out of town but still sent a heads-up thru text that all these flights were coming.
Justin Biemer
Short turnaround for VT. I wonder what they needed to do?
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Justin, turned out they were dropping off medical supplies, we thought the first two that came in Sunday were here for maint. at VT-SAA but they left early Monday morning. This was the 3rd of four that came Sun & Mon.
Gavin Hughes
Apologies rwb, I thought 'half your luck' was a more universal expression. Have to teach ya some Aussie, cobber.
Palak Bhattacharyya
Missing my flying machines these past 2 months.
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Gavin, I did a virtual walkabout of Oz back in '18 for a couple months, watching vids, using Google street view, going to all the great spots down your way all why sitting in the comfort of home. Just about drove the wife crazy with all the slang terms and names of some cities like Humpty Doo, Dubbo, Coober Pedy etc.
So I'll have a go at the slang, After a ripper night raging at the Billabong, did a Dingo-breakfast and nanna's then decided to chuck-a-sickie today, trekking out to Macca's for brekkie with my sunnies and budgie-smugglers when some show pony knocker of a bloke tells me where's your daks ya look like a bogan. So me and my mates get back in the feral ute and head to Bunnings for some snags but the hoons were busy doing skids. So off to the bottle-o for a slab for the esky. Got my wobbly boots on, now time to tee-up with the surfies, hope we don't see any Bondi mullets.
Gavin Hughes
Stone the flamin' crows!!! Brilliant effort. Trouble is you can't get snags at Bunnings right now - social distancing rules - part of life is missing.
great shot!
Robert Cowling
Aussies certainly do have their own language. I spent a week there, Sydney and Melbourne, and was fascinated by the terms for common things. Tinnies and all. It was awesome!
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
24/giu/2020 B789Londra-Heathrow ()Int'l Ben Gurion () 22:05 BST 04:17 IDT (+1) 4:12
24/giu/2020 B789Int'l Ben Gurion ()Londra-Heathrow () 16:23 IDT 18:59 BST 4:36
22/giu/2020 B789Int'l Ben Gurion ()Vicino Beijing 12:52 IDT Last seen 01:59 CST (+1) 8:07
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