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Beechcraft Super King Air 200 (N878RA)


22 arrival.


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Joan Williams
Beatiful! What time of day is it? Shutter priority 1/80? Sorry if I'm annoying you. I just have a lot of questions.
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Joan this was about an hour before sunset. On your camera the mode dial should have P,A,S & M, I used S or shutter priority, this let's me select how long the shutter is open, I went with 1/80 of a second which produces a nice blur on props, if I had left it in A or Aperture priority the cam would have picked a shutter speed that is faster, maybe 1/500 of a second and the prop blades would've​ been more stationary.

You're not annoying me by any means! The best way to learn is to ask questions, practice, read and watch tutorials on the net. If you see other photographers out ask if they'd mind a few questions, most will talk your head off ;)

So nice effect with that slow shutter speed for the props. With the props nicely blurred and the scenery in the back really blurred how did the moving object not get blurred?
rwb2112Photo Uploader
"panning" I try to keep the view finder centered on the fuselage as it moves left to right therefore if I'm smooth enough the plane will be sharp and all that is behind and turning props will have blur to it.
Joan Williams
Hi! Richard can I email you? My email is Sc00by07@icloud.com. I have a lot more questions!

Cool.........something new I have to try.
Jim Quinn
Beautiful shot! It's difficult to get a good panning shot with a telephoto lens especially with a fairly slow shutter speed. Very well done!
Alan Hume
When taking pictures of moving objects at a slow shutter speed (often necessary as this beautiful example amply shows) I find a tripod is indispensable, along with burst mode to pick out the best one for publishing. Hang on! Is this an aircraft enthusiasts' website or a photographers'one? :)
jesse kyzer
help each way
David Seider
@Alan Hume: The answer to that question is "Yes".
George Bures
As Henry Longhurst the long time British golf commentator would say...
"Nicely done."
Excellent eye.
great job there


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