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McDonnell Douglas MD-90



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Greg Byington
I like it!
Gary GuyPhoto Uploader
This is an actual picture taken at Gravelly Point Park (DCA).
Post editing was done using Lightroom, with attention being given to Sharpening, Noise Reduction, and lightening the shadows. The colors, cloud layers, and vapor are all real. I got lucky with the right conditions, a great angle, and the Washington Monument peaking in from the bottom.
Roy Hunte
Guerry Bowen
Good job, Gary. As I remember, that park was a perfect place to photograph aircraft traffic in and out of Ronald Reagan Airport. I do need to make it back there. Thank-you for the photograph.
Dave Bourne
Awesome shot! I see this effect once in a while but have never gotten a decent capture. Nicely done.

PS.. do you work in the TPA tower??
Gary GuyPhoto Uploader
Dave Bourne - I do not work in the Tampa tower. I am a Tampa native though. LOL
James Kelly
Great shot Gary - I grew-up in Bethesda and my first job was at DCA working for NW when the 727's and DC-9's ruled the air around DC. Thanks for posting.
Darryl Sarno
Cool dramatic shot. Gravelly point is a great place to spot.


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