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Scot Wattawa
Great picture.
Très belle photo
The F-100F shown was built by North American Aviation in 1958. Fokker never had a license to build any version of the F-100.
Ya, and them Fokkers were flying Messerschmitts!
this is not a fokker 100!
Yvon Dionne
Somebody has fokkered this one up!!!
Aw fokk...!
Ha Ha. Check the date!
The pilot is a Fokker-rated jock
Tomer Ariav
The only Fokker 100 that I know is a passanger plane from long ago.
great pic but no Fokker ;-)
Karl Scribner
April Fokker Day?
It is indeed an F-100F with the smaller 275gal wing tanks. What is unusual about the pic is that they caught it with landing gear in the half open posision .
Robert Carver
A gorgeous North American Super Sabre! Looks factory fresh and ready to take on the Warsaw Pact!
john cook
Oh Fokker you!
David Vendt
Awesome picture
Norman Turner
David, those are not 275 gallon tanks. They are 335 gallon tanks that were made by extending the 275's. You can see the extention just at the leading edge of the pylon the tank is mounted on. It is that section about two feet long.
sam kuminecz
Try SSAB for the aircraft type..it'll show up as the super sabre


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