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Canadair CL-415 SuperScooper (M7101)


1st January, 2020: On short finals to rwy 25 at Kuching International Airport. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (coast guard) is tasked with maintaining law and order, and coordinating search and rescue operations in the Malaysian Maritime Zone and on the high seas.


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Super shot of a rare version of the CL-41.
Marty Nemes
Is this a CL-215?
Gavin Hughes
CL215T - turbine version of the venerable 215. I think Paul's comment was tongue-in-cheek! I notice a few other pics of these on FA recorded as CL-41s.
This is NOT a CL-41 "Tutor" but it is a Canadair CL-415 fire-fighter "Superscooper". The CL-41 as 40-50 years old 2-place jet trainer used mainly by Canada´s armed forces.
Gavin Hughes
Thanks chalet, not a CL215T and 415 would explain why the incorrect type comes out in FA. Most likely entered as CL415T and FA's system abbreviates the type back to CL41. For Shabbbir, to get it correct, the type needs to be entered as CL2T.
serge LOTH
This Canadair plane is a légende...one of my favorite to fly..
Belle photo
Darcy Parker
Not a Tutor. Just saying.
John Alford
Flight Aware must be using ICAO Aircraft Type Designators. If I post a photo, I’ll have to look up the ICAO code or find a similar plane on Flight Aware and copy the code. It’s interesting to see what it does to the Tutor flying boat.
a CL415 , not a Tutor
Gavin Hughes
John Alford...one way to check for 'type' in FA is to look at the list of aircraft from the 'Photos' page. On the left side is a drop down box called 'Aircraft'. Scroll down until you find the model you want and select it. That'll display all photos of the that type. Select any one of the photos and the type FA is looking for will be shown. There are some missing though so if you've got one that's not in the database, you could get the wrong type attached to your photo. Hope this is of some help.
Dennis Bishop
This should be the poster child for "Purpose Built Aircraft"!
Jerry Madero
I just like the shot for what it is, well done Shabbir.
fantastic shot Shabbir!
Shabbir BasharPhoto Uploader
@Gavin Hughes: thanks for helping me correct the aircraft type.
Gavin Hughes
Shabbir...happy to help.
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