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RYAN ST-3KR Recruit (N48606) - N48606 at Akron Co. airshow
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RYAN ST-3KR Recruit (N48606)


N48606 at Akron Co. airshow


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i love it ,
Well said my friend… well said
Can somebody ask this guy to have regular flybys over DC, please!!! :-}
well done. I'm glad there are so many conservatives on the site for whatever reason.
What aircraft?
You lost, guys. Time to get over it.
Ron Wilcher
Great idea, I've been thinking about doing something on the bottom side of my wings.
John Wayland
It doesn't get better than this!!!
Surprised the "black helicopter" didn't shoot this plane down.
Roger Paige
What is it about aviation and conservatism?
horace sawyer
Thank God and the Founding Fathers for the First Amendment.
President Obama is the Commander-in-Chief and should be shown the respect the office of the President is due. I have disagreed with with other Presidents, and this one too, and I believe we do not have to resort to cheap rhetoric that cheapens our rights to free speech.
John Sullivan
What's the point?
Immature behaviour.
Joseph Towbin
Love it!
Pretty ironic, all things considered. That guy probably will go to war over $300 in higher fees or taxes to pay for all his federal general aviation welfare, but he found $300 for some paint. His message flies proudly on a plane the federal government paid for originally. Stop Obama, sure, free speech exists in this country so use it. Here's more free speech: stand up on your own two legs, general aviation, and stop acting like your handouts are any different from anyone else's.
Igor Fak
Hi is stopt. Trump us new president
Hope the owner is still happy now that President Obama is gone and Senator Corker says his successor is leading us toward WW3.
Stop the Orange Cheeto
I love this photo!
Phil Preston
Stop him from what? I don't remember Obama taking away any of my rights, including my right (and privilege) to climb into my little Cessna 120 and fly any place in this great country that I wanted to. Though I will say, I'd just rather fly under a Republican administration than Democrat one I never saw Obama as the enemy of aviation.
It's interesting to see how the left reacts in the comments to this on here 4 years ago, in contrast to what most of them say and do now with the sitting President.
Funny that, speakingabout the group as a whole, some of their own words they have not heeded.

Love the photo, BTW! Smashed that 5 star!
Robert Lehr
friggin idiot
jesse kyzer
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N48606 dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
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