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XA-TWQ — - Demonstrating its powerbr /MEX / Licenciado Benito Juarezbr /CANON EOS-7D
/images/icons/csMagGlass.png Media / grande / piena



Demonstrating its power
MEX / Licenciado Benito Juarez


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A perfectly timed capture, Edgar! Ultra excellent!! Five stars and congratulations! Bravo! :-)
Mark Thomas
Only 4.25 rating… come on guys, this is an outstanding shot!
Mark, you know why. It is merely a case of "Small Mind & Jealousy." There are a handful or two of viewers (not very many but every large group has a few) who, when they see a pic like this that they are incapable of snapping, they have but two choices; work harder to improve their own skills ... or do something to put down superior work such as this shot. Most folks immediately undertake the effort to learn and improve, but ... improving takes effort, and a minute minority simply take the easier route. (You've been a victim of this same baloney; I've seen the low BS ratings some of your excellent shots have received in the past. I could easily list at least two dozen other superb photogs who get the same treatment.) Not to worry, tho. The FA screeners know a premier photo when they see it; that's why they are on the FA staff as screeners. This one is a sure bet to be in the Newsletter as a staff selection.
Mark C
Excellent shot! All 5 stars full
Dwight Hartje
Excellent shot! 5 stars from me for sure! Gary, you are totally correct. I have seen users even here say they intensioaly down rate other people's photos, and rate there own up! They attempt to make there own photos artifisally good, but altimatly showes very little integrity and downgrades there own reputation.
Edgar patanPhoto Uploader
Guys, I really appreciate your comments. It was an excellent evening of spotting.
Although I made the mistake of upload with a watermark. Probably the inspectors removed, had both photos. I share in FB with watermark and would share in FlightAware. I was wrong.
I hope not to be suppressed.
Thanks for such good reviews.
beautiful , super , A perfectly- 5*
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