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Boeing Globemaster III (08-0001) - Strategic Airlift Capability over Maho Beach arriving from Eindhoven, Nederlands to St. Maarten with Medical Supplies. #covid19
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Boeing Globemaster III (08-0001)


Strategic Airlift Capability over Maho Beach arriving from Eindhoven, Nederlands to St. Maarten with Medical Supplies. #covid19


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Gary Schenauer
This has to be one of the most exceptional captures ever taken at Princess Juliana International (TNCM). Oh, the photo is a 5 star outstanding pic ... but what makes it an exceptional click (in other words, *****+++) is its absolute uniqueness: there is not one single person shown standing on Maho Beach. I suppose there are a few photos somewhere that show Maho in the daytime without any people on it, but if there are such pictures, they are very, very, very scarce. Congrats, Beeks. Of all the many thousands of pics taken at Maho, you have snapped one showing the rarest scene: Maho Beach deserted during daytime. (Tip of my cap to you)
Very cool :) A+++
"Ditto" on Gary's words!
The sunsetsxm.com webcam is mounted on the patio of that bar at the end of the beach. That will show the same deserted scene from that direction. So sad indeed and a sure 5 vote Beeks on this important arriving flight.
daniel jef
Great capture bro!! 5*
BeecksPhoto Uploader
Thank you very much for the support, Gary & Warmwynds.
Sebastião Magalhães
Very nice
silvano Cerboneschi
Great picture over a rare magic beach
John Gerty
An even more awesome element to this photo, besides Maho being vacant, is that another FlightAware member posted photos of the same aircraft from the opposite side of the beach at the same time.....stereo!
marylou anderson
great pic
like this one better
BeecksPhoto Uploader
Thanks Guys!!!!
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