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Boeing 777-200 (B-2093)



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Jim Quinn
Another very nice shot, Ewe! I especially like the lighting and the aircraft in the background adds a nice touch. Good job...
Dwight Hartje
Excellent capture!
Max G
Nice Shot, Uwe! Looks like there's another Air China A330-200 in the background. Might be the flight from Chengdu. Such a coincidence that there are two Air China planes landing at the same time at a European Airport.
Roy Hunte
Beautiful shot, Uwe!
Greg Byington
Great shot, Uwe!
Eric Su
Good shot
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you JIm!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you Dwight! Nice to hear from you again!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
Hi Max!
thank you!
and yes the 330-200 was coming from Chengdu!
30 minutes later a 777-300 Air china was coming from Beijing and an 747-400 Cargo from Shanghai.4 heavies from China in 40 minutes in Frankfurt!!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
Hi Roy!
thank you, will do my best!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
Hi Jim!
thank you!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
Hi Dwight!
thank you, nice to hear from you again!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
Hi Greg!
thank you!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
Hi Eric!
klasse!! Hab auch ein Doppel-Air-China-Bild beim letzten mal gemacht
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
danke crazy!!
wird wohl ab jetzt öffter passieren. LH und Air China haben Kooperationsabkommen unterzeichnet, als Hub Frankfurt!!
Looks like computer generated photo or an artist drawing. Doesn't look real..
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
taken 18.09.2015 in is a real pic.
give me your email, will send you the whole serie
Roy Hunte
Ethan65, Uwe Zinke is one of the best photographers that upload pictures on this site, all of his pictures are real. He is also very knowledgeable in aviation and an asset to Flight Aware. I am sure thousands of users would agree with me on this topic. Don't beat down a good friend. Keep up the great work Uwe!
Outstanding photography!! Perfect timing. I love the fact that there are relatively dark clouds throughout the background, yet there is a dash of sunshine on the nose. Well done, sir!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you Joseph!
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di B-2093 dal 1998? Compra adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
15/set/2019 B77LInt'l di Los Angeles ()Shanghai-Pudong () 21:14 PDT 02:43 CST (+2) In volo
15/set/2019 B77LShanghai-Pudong ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 22:35 CST 18:58 PDT 11:23
14/set/2019 B77LInt'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Shanghai-Pudong () 11:34 CDT 16:03 CST (+1) 15:28
14/set/2019 B77LInt'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 00:00 AKDT 08:28 CDT 5:28
14/set/2019 B77LShanghai-Pudong ()Int'l di Anchorage () 06:59 CST 22:52 AKDT (-1) 7:53
12/set/2019 B77LInt'l di Chicago O'Hare ()internazionale di Pechino () 13:41 CDT 15:45 CST (+1) 13:04
12/set/2019 B77LInt'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 01:28 AKDT 10:11 CDT 5:42
12/set/2019 B77LShanghai-Pudong ()Int'l di Anchorage () 07:12 CST 22:40 AKDT (-1) 7:27
07/set/2019 UnknownShanghai-Pudong ()Francoforte sul Meno () 13:39 CST 18:14 CEST 10:35
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