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North American P-51 Mustang (N151AM)
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North American P-51 Mustang (N151AM)



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sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
I was about 1 mile away from this flight, they passed from behind the tower at OSH and did their Break over the runway and crowd line by Boeing Plaza, I was down at the far end of the Warbird Alley
Don Lynch
What good timing on this one. There is a lot to talk about on this one photo.
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
It just surprised me how large the F-35 is compared to the P-51
Boy, that's a photo of PURE Distruction
ken kemper
Splendid Photo Sam...........

Have the pic from the South End of Show Center.
Andy Power
Great shot sam kuminecz!! I've always loved the A-10. Glad those awesome Warthogs keep flying the missions they were built to do!
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
thanks for the comments guys, it was a luck shot being so far away, glad it came out
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
Ken, id love to see that shot of yours
Kevin Haiduk
That's an awesome photo. Love me some Warthog! And that P-51 for bonus points!


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