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August 1968 - Tupolev TU-114 on final runway 24L at Dorval (CYUL) on a direct flight from UUEE, Sheremetyevo, Moscow


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C.W. Reed
What a rare shot! prob could hear this 20 miles away! Thanks much pelican!! Cheers!!
Alan Brown
Great photo! This is the civilian variant of the TU-95 Bear. Not many made. Thanks for the photo. First I have ever seen.
Luc Barbier
A turboprop engine provides power to rotate the propeller, while the turbojet provides thrust.
But why double propellers ?
Wikipedia helped me: The propellers are counter-rotating, in order to eliminate the torque effect !
Dan Drimmie
On inaugural service into Montreal, there was an unforeseen issue. The passengers were stuck on the aircraft until the airport services could find a way to reach up to the passenger cabin doors...the normal equipment was too short due to length of the landing gear. I don't recall what the immediate solution was.
ken kemper
Love it Pelican.........

Wonderful Image
Excellent shot...these puppies used to fly right over my house on approach to YUL and the sound of those counter rotating props was awesome.
I actually saw it on approach that day! I lived in Montreal as a kid,just a couple of km from YUL, in Ville-St-Laurent. It was on the news that it was coming, and we all stood outside to watch it fly over our houses. We were all aviation buffs (I was 11) and lots of my friends' dads worked for AC at YUL. I remember thinking this was unlike any aircraft I'd ever seen (we were used to DC8s, 707s, Viscounts and Vanguards). This is an amazing shot! Thanks for posting.
How long would that flight have taken?
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