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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (VH-EAG)


Wings over illawarra 2016 Australia. notice all for engines have a flame coming out.


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John McKillop
When I was a kid a (presumably PanAm) Constellation was the first aircraft I saw with tricycle undercarriage.
glenn pingry
Always wanted to take a ride in the Conni- never got 2.
g pingry space shuttle carriers of America crew member.
fly in the middle of the sky.
Larry Gunn
Such a beautiful plane, and TWA a proud company destroyed by 2 greedy megalomaniacs named Hughes and Icahn.
Icelandair still flying Coni's in 1970. Laguardia to Le Bourget via Reykjavik. Great plane. Also unlimited free brandy & tobacco.
William Wood
This is not an EC-121 it is a L-1049 Super Constellation. The USAF used RC-121C and RC-121D models for AEW&C. The had large radar domes both on the top and the bottom. There were some versions converted to EC-121's. Same configuration with a small dome in front of the upper dome. These versions were used with the SAGE system.
This really is a nice design and style of aircraft, whatever its designation.
My first time in a commercial plane was in one of these, shuttle between NYC and DC.
Arthur Moss
Howard Hughes had some Input into the Original Connie design, according to some of the LM guys who were there at the time.
Robert Kap
As a kid growing up during the 1950's on Long Island about five miles from Idlewild Airport (now Kennedy) the sky was full of the Connies. Never got tired of the elegant look of them being low getting ready to land. Seems most of them were TWA as I remember. I've flown about 1500 commercial flights as a passenger and always yearned for a flight in a Connie.
Bob Hackney
Always GR8 to see a "Connie" in service!!! I had the opportunity to fly in a TWA L1049 from Wash, D.C to LAX in 1958. ....Returning home for a short leave after recv'g appointment to USAF Academy after attending US Naval Academy Prep School. Later in spring '59, during Freshman class trip to Calif USAF bases also participated in a EC-121 mission.
Mark Craig
Still beautiful after all these years. Another testimony to if it looks right it is right. Wish I'd been able to fly in one
Glenn Mottley
Thank you William Wood.
ric lang
This was a 749, a short nose Connie. When I was with Eastern, we had a few of these, but personally, I loved the 1049. In my opinion, it was the best and last of the great panel airplanes. Flying the MIA/ORD run, we had to stop in ATL to pick up more stews to serve the evening meal. Galley door bar was up, flight deck door ALWAYS open, kids would come up & look around. Whatever happened to America & the world????
ric lang
"EC-121" is a FlightAware glitch... not something the uploader Stephen Gardener did.

This Lockheed was originally built to fulfill a military contract as a C-121C with MSN 1049F-4176 and delivered to the United States Air Force MATS in 1955, assigned USAF s/n 54-157. She flew with MATS, the MS ANG, the WV ANG, and the PA ANG until being retired in 1977. Flown to Davis Monthan AFB and later restored for her trans Pacific flight to Australia with her current Australian civil aviation VH-EAG registration.

More history here... http://www.conniesurvivors.com/VH-EAG.htm

And check out Mr. Joe Baugher's information on his website... http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1954.html
Daniel Malim
I have never seen a Connie in real time. I would really love to see one.
Roy Hunte
Go to KBFI then you can stand next to it!
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