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Boeing 747-400 (N904AR) - This bird needs a bath.
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Boeing 747-400 (N904AR)


This bird needs a bath.


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Curtis Smith
...And a paint job! Nice photo!
Agreed on the paint job. However, SkyLease is flying these things at pax-level utilization right now, picking up as much business as possible. They fly heavy crews to enable them to fly from, say, LAX nonstop to Wuhan, and then back to ANC without intermediate stopovers or crew staging. They rarely spend more than a couple of hours on the ground unless they're broken (which has happened a bit recently). But since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic about 5 months ago, N903AR and N904AR have been flying like there is no tomorrow, with remarkable reliability.
James Simms
True, but if it’s not flying, it’s not making money
William Candee
She has now been repainted after a heavy check at HAECO Xiamen in XMN. On the way back from there now. Feb 7 2021
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N904AR dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
01/ott/2022 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 01:30 AKDT 07:00 PDT 4:29
01/ott/2022 B744Wuhan Tianhe ()Int'l di Anchorage () 07:07 CST 23:31 AKDT (-1) 8:24
29/set/2022 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Wuhan Tianhe () 22:05 PDT 02:58 CST (+2) (?) 13:53
29/set/2022 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 00:38 AKDT 06:05 PDT 4:27
29/set/2022 B744Wuhan Tianhe ()Int'l di Anchorage () 06:38 CST 22:37 AKDT (-1) 7:58
27/set/2022 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Wuhan Tianhe () 21:37 PDT 03:11 CST (+2) (?) 14:33
26/set/2022 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 15:48 AKDT 21:47 PDT 4:59
26/set/2022 B744Wuhan Tianhe ()Int'l di Anchorage () 21:51 CST 14:03 AKDT 8:12
25/set/2022 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Wuhan Tianhe () 13:08 PDT 18:35 CST (+1) (?) 14:27
24/set/2022 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 06:08 AKDT 11:45 PDT 4:37
24/set/2022 B744Wuhan Tianhe ()Int'l di Anchorage () 12:01 CST 04:15 AKDT 8:13
23/set/2022 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Wuhan Tianhe () 03:05 PDT 08:23 CST (+1) (?) 14:18
22/set/2022 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 16:58 AKDT 22:34 PDT 4:36
22/set/2022 B744Wuhan Tianhe ()Int'l di Anchorage () 22:29 CST 14:24 AKDT 7:55
21/set/2022 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Wuhan Tianhe () 13:51 PDT 19:09 CST (+1) 14:17
21/set/2022 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 03:56 AKDT 09:28 PDT 4:31
21/set/2022 B744Wuhan Tianhe ()Int'l di Anchorage () 10:01 CST 01:52 AKDT 7:51
20/set/2022 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Wuhan Tianhe () 01:18 PDT 06:17 CST (+1) (?) 13:59
19/set/2022 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 14:57 AKDT 20:35 PDT 4:38
19/set/2022 B744Wuhan Tianhe ()Int'l di Anchorage () 20:40 CST 13:04 AKDT 8:23
18/set/2022 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Wuhan Tianhe () 15:07 AKDT 16:59 CST (+1) (?) 9:52
17/set/2022 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Anchorage () 23:03 PDT 03:00 AKDT (+1) 4:56
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