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Martin WB-57 (N926NA) - One of only two flyable WB-57Fs in the world, NASA's N926NA, complete with super and spear pods for it's ACCLIP science mission preparation, departs KEFD for a test flight on 6 August 2021.
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Martin WB-57 (N926NA)


One of only two flyable WB-57Fs in the world, NASA's N926NA, complete with super and spear pods for it's ACCLIP science mission preparation, departs KEFD for a test flight on 6 August 2021.


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Mark Harris
Designed and built in Great Britain as the English Electric Canberra. Built under license in the USA by the Glenn L. Martin Company.
This version first flew in 1963 and was called the RB-57F, It saw extensive service in Vietnam. Later converted to the WB-57 for NASA. A total of 21 '57Fs were built.
Alan Brown
It is interesting that some of the older model planes just keep flying and getting the job done. This one, the DC-3/C-47, the C-135/KC-135/RC-135, the C-130 in all of its various models, and many others.
John Giambone
Great Catch Brendan! Never seen this one before. Thanks for posting it.
Oh! Canberra!
It saw for the first time.
Thank you for the publication of the photograph.
Phil Townrow
Nice shot of this strange hybrid
Very distinctive odd looking aircraft - love it
Fantastic photo!
ron serafin
Speed and max altitude?
Mark Bullock
I had many an interesting conversation with a Vietnam era pilot of this amazing aircraft.
Matt Lacey
Flies over my house all the time. I saw it this morning. Engines are typically sooty for their age, but unusual for what we usually see on most aircraft flying today. It's super noisy and high-pitched too - very distinctive. A couple of the pilots tweet regularly, @NerdyKowboy and @nasawb57
Great shot! An amazing example of 're-purposing' an already good design into something 'special'.
William Owens
Seen this one in her hanger at EFD up close. Also watched her flying in and out of EFD many times. Engines have a high pitched “whine “ about them and fluctuating up and down in pitch just to maintain speed I assume. Very cool recon machine with very limited room for pilot in space suit…
Guy Rovella
We had these birds at Forbes Air Force base in Topeka Kansas in 1970.
I was told then that they were Australian Air Force. They only had the engines on the wings then as I recall.
Ross Selvidge
I build a model of a B-57 as a kid and in 1970-71 I saw the ones used in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhut AFB (Saigon). I loved the look of it.
Colin Seftel
In answer to Ron Serafin:
Maximum speed: 598 mph (960 km/h, 520 kn) at 2,500 ft (760 m)
Maximum speed: Mach 0.79
Cruise speed: 476 mph (765 km/h, 414 kn)
Service ceiling: 45,100 ft (13,745 m)
From Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_B-57_Canberra)
Gareth Cook
A heavily modified variant of the English Electric Canberra.
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