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AIRBUS A-400M Atlas —
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AIRBUS A-400M Atlas —



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Nice Shot
Alan Brown
Great shot! Looks like it might have been hard to take.
martyn hill
Gibraltar ?
Great pictures!!!
Like that shot...Standing on a dock.
Well done, great shot. Boats in the foreground are avery nice touch. Photo shop or perfect framing?
Excellent !
ken kemper
Awesome Photo Ian ........

great Job
No location, no stars. Too bad, love the picture.
Hercules C-130
MedBach, this is not a Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

This is a Airbus A400M Atlas.
The differences are, this has a swept wing, the C-130 is straight. The props turn outboard on the inner engines and inboard on the outer engines, all the props turn the same direction on the 130, and this has 8 blades versus 6 blades.
The C-130 doesn't have a refueling probe over the cockpit and the number and configuration of windshield panes are different. Hard to see on this photo but this has 6 wheels per side on the main gear and the 130 has only 2 and it's 1 per axle.

A very good photo from Ian Lane.
Claude Picard
This is A400M. Assembled by Airbus in Sevilla España. Were i live.

Retired fron Airbus Military. Sevilla.
It's also an Airbus A400M because of the spike on its head.
Viv Pike
What is also impressive is the 900 horses pushing that little rowboat around the pond ...
Michael Hoare
So where is this taken.Great pic if we knew more be better


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