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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N529B) - One of two flying B-29's in the world. B-29 "FiFi" over Reading, PA airport during the annual WWII weekend in June of 2019.
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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N529B)


One of two flying B-29's in the world. B-29 "FiFi" over Reading, PA airport during the annual WWII weekend in June of 2019.


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Greg Byington
Great shot!
a mentor
I think we all know there's ONLY TWO airworthy at this time:

 Wichita, Kansas; Airworthy (Doc)

 Addison, Texas; Airworthy (Fifi)

As I recall, NEITHER were commissioned prior to 6-Aug-1945
ken kemper

Stunning Photo !!

Well Done
nice bird.
Are there still pilots to fly them? How can you be certified? is this similar to a DC-3?
I love the detail here. Reminds me of the model airplanes I used to build.
David Hopkins
A beautiful airplane in so many different ways.
Keep these ladies flying !!
Steven Hill
Warbirds are a treasure.
Michael Gaff
Sometime around 1976, I was a member of the Confederate Air Force, based in Harlingen. I had dinner in the hangar with Jimmy Doolittle, and only about 1,000 other people. Bob Hoover actually had sex with a girl in the cabin of our Sabre Liner 40. He was a gentleman, and asked us to keep the bulkhead divider closed. His performance in our airplane was wonderful. A takeoff, then roll and landing on the runway was very impressive.
He knew how to keep it up. I remember Victor's wife being pissed about his buying FIFI.
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N529B dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
13/giu/2021 UnknownTrenton Mercer ()Trenton Mercer () 10:50 EDT 11:28 EDT 0:37
13/giu/2021 UnknownTrenton Mercer ()Trenton Mercer () 09:28 EDT 10:03 EDT 0:35
12/giu/2021 UnknownTrenton Mercer ()Trenton Mercer () 12:15 EDT 12:45 EDT 0:29
12/giu/2021 UnknownTrenton Mercer ()Trenton Mercer () 10:47 EDT 11:20 EDT (?) 0:32
07/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Trenton Mercer () 09:44 EDT 10:18 EDT 0:33
06/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 15:17 EDT 15:29 EDT 0:12
06/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 12:44 EDT 13:22 EDT 0:37
06/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 11:01 EDT 11:32 EDT 0:30
06/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 09:25 EDT 09:53 EDT 0:28
05/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 15:36 EDT 15:45 EDT 0:08
05/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 13:10 EDT 13:33 EDT 0:22
05/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 11:09 EDT 11:38 EDT 0:29
05/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 09:27 EDT 10:00 EDT 0:33
04/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 16:41 EDT 17:14 EDT 0:33
04/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 14:27 EDT 14:43 EDT 0:15
04/giu/2021 UnknownReading Rgnl ()Reading Rgnl () 12:38 EDT 13:08 EDT 0:29
03/giu/2021 UnknownMartin State ()Reading Rgnl () 14:22 EDT 14:49 EDT 0:27
02/giu/2021 UnknownMartin State ()Martin State () 11:14 EDT 11:48 EDT 0:34
02/giu/2021 B29Martin State ()Martin State () 09:28 EDT 09:59 EDT 0:31
01/giu/2021 UnknownMartin State ()Martin State () 11:14 EDT 11:51 EDT 0:37
01/giu/2021 UnknownMartin State ()Martin State () 09:33 EDT 10:03 EDT 0:29
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