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OK-UTI — - Photographed 4.5.2019, Piešťany Airport, Slovakia.
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Photographed 4.5.2019, Piešťany Airport, Slovakia.


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I always thought those Russian Migs were touch, but did the Czechs really repair that fuselage behind/below the cockpit with duck tape?
Diana Rose
It's a Salan Patch!
Russ Brown
Baking sheet and pop rivets.
Dave Mathes
....regardless, it's going airborne!...
David Hasse
Iz marked OK right on outside by Universal Transportation Investigators so must be good for fly. Assumed was landing myself with partially deployed fuselage speed brake & flap extension and thought wheels should be a little further along towards locking light status. Drive/fly-by maintenance assessments miss a lot. Beautiful machine.
David Ingram
How soon we forget. FSN 8030-816-8077
Tape, Pressure Sensitive
(Aluminum Backed)
3 IN X 60 YD
1 Roll
Speed Tape
Looks to me that this airplane recently had a paint strip and the speed tape was covering an opening. The numbers look temporary, just to get it out for a ferry flight.
You guys crack me up.

What you're looking at is nothing more than an access panel for engine maintenance. A closer look shows 8 panel fasteners around the edges, in fact there's an identical panel on the port side.
It's just cleaner or shinier than the rest of the fuselage for some reason.

Yes, the MiG-15 is landing, and the gear is down and locked. It has trailing link gear, plus that's just the way it looks, everything's perfectly normal.

I'm not an expert, but I do take the time to research questions I come across, that's how I learn things.

Great photo of a MiG-15 Pavel Hon
Pavel ,don't pay any mind to these good natured comments , there are plenty of nice remarks also .You made a fantastic photo and I have very much enjoyed seeing it today .This jet is probably 60 years old and still flying .
Le foto senza didascalia non hanno nessun senso io eveterei di pubblicarle.
I don't know when this was taken but a truly great photo of a rare bird. If this is a recent photo I guess we Canadians should not be complaining about buying used F-18's from Britain. This thing looks scary !
Pavel HonPhoto Uploader
Photographed 4.5.2019, Piešťany Airport, Slovakia.
Pavel HonPhoto Uploader
To ccarlo218 : Little did I know that I had to describe to the commentary why and how the repair was made.
Hi Steven, those used F18's Canada is getting are ex RAAF Royal Australian Airforce. They are the classic A model Hornet which Australia has been flying since around 1985 and they've been well maintained! We have also been operating Super Hornets for the past 10 years. We are now taking delivery of F35's.
Pavel HonPhoto Uploader
http://czechairspotters.com/photo.php?id=4440 - The exposed engine service hole is visible.
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