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Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon



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Hugh Reid
Holy Cow what a moment.
Glad he's turning away from the crowd. (It wasn't always like that). And I love airshows!
John Winters
Bet he was grounded after that stunt!
Heatseekerws6Photo Uploader
This F-16 had the burner lit while banking (away from crowd) at take off during EAA's AirVenture, although it looks like he's already in flight doing a maneuver near the spectators.
a mentor
@John Winters: AMEN! fundamental rule is to avoid the spectators -- not even approaching their perimeter.
Larry Toler
They never did that while the 86th FW was active at Ramstein back in the day. Then again I worked nights at the MAC Aerial Port and was asleep during the day. I probably missed out on a lot.
ken kemper
That is an incredible shot......

Good use of telephoto......
YEAH! GREAT picture!
I hope he was far enough away that the blast from the afterburner didn't reach the crowd.
By the time you smell it, it still feels warm. You have to go to Oshkosh to appreciate how many departures & arrivals, and independent flight operations Whitman packs into such a small space. VERY few folks can identify all the aircraft they see there. BUT their safety record is exemplary. An Aviation-Nuts dream.


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