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This was the 1,000,000th photo uploaded to FlightAware
Graham Bwdn
Timing is everything
Daryl Sagar
Better to be safe then sorry a little caulking can fix just about anything lol
Aircraft is a B738
Landing runway 11 at Warsaw Chopin.
Mike C
Great shot!

One million photos... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
LOT(s) of photos now....
He was probably late for work but still dedicated enough to try and do his job.
Lol nice one
patrick baker
perhaps he should have had a roll of duct tape in his left hand. Thereby no problem remains unsoluvable.
KC Jefferies
I'm sorry, that"s not how we repair our airplanes or put them together. Should have waited for an Airbus A319 or A320! "Chalk" one up for Us... Notice: the guy is trigger happy! LMAO
KC Jefferies
YOU CALL THIS GUY AN "ENGINE" SEALER!?...Give me a break...I hope he burns his fingers smoothing the seal!
Where can I get some of that, the aviation aisle at Home Depot?
Isn't it ILLEGAL to point any kind of gun at an aircraft in flight?
Jus' sayin'.

Carry on.


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