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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet


PARK'NFLY - I wish there was a service at Nashville where you could park your car and fly on an F18.

No.7 of the Blue Angels departing Nashville off or runway 31. Lt. Julius Bratton and Lcdr Adam Kerrick indicated on the aircraft.


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Nice catch. Park N Fly might want to put this photo in an ad.
Yvon Dionne
Gavin Hughes
Brilliant timing, great photo.
Jason Apol
A shot definitely worth trying to market. Great job!
Leon Kay
Thank you for a well timed shot!
Shown here is one of the VTOL F-18s, having been pre-cleared for let-down closest to a Nashville area flush with watering holes and exotic dancer type clubs.
However, the .1 mile walk to the hot spots is a little far for me as an almost 40 year pilot.
My advice to the flyers is to just land right in front of the establishments, and, let cooperative law enforcement sit in the cool airplanes while the flyers catch a breather or two.
Awesome photograph and professional ability otherwise demonstrated by Barry Ellis.
IMHO all FA-18s are STOL. Jus' sayin'. Unloaded Mach2+ acft fully controllable at 85kts! And NAVY landing gear so you can just fall over onto the wheels to keep your butt off the ground. Hornets rock.
Alan Stultz
LOL @Robert Mills JR A mile isn't to far for a Navy man regardless of age where split tails are concerned. Keeping him sober for the whole mile however....
what a sense of humor you have...I bet those Angels would greatly appreciate this pic!
Brilliant shot Barry! Was it simply a really fast shutter speed that allowed you to have such great focus on the F-18 while still not blurring the Park and Ride sign in the background?
Park and Fly, sorry. Can't even blame autocorrect on that...
That's runway 31, Barry... No runway 34 anywhere nearby. :)


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