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Lockheed P-3 Orion (16-3004)


USN P-3C Orion Code: 004 / Ser#163004 / Cn 5811 / attached to PATRON One - NAS Whidbey Island, WA. It was making touch / go landings on Rwy 16R at sunset on 3.29.19.


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C.W. Reed
All of these P-3 shots are 5*+++++! Thank you for posting LELAND! Cheers!!
Thanks C.W.!
C.W. Reed
Very welcome, LELAND. Keep up the great shots!
Tom Vance
Very cool for PAE -nice detail!
serge loth
Nice picture of this Orion..
Sweet. My ride from 1973-1977, Brunswick, ME, VP-8. Allison T-56, 4,600 hp each. APU exhaust was right under the co-pilot, noisy. 330kts cruise.
Billy Mehaffey
For all the old p-3 lovers thank you
Many good memories and many hours. Thanks for posting.
Jeremy Zumbach
I worked on this aircraft off and on for 4 years form 2010-2019 in VP-47. The squadron's share aircraft during deployments. Very reliable aircraft, it's avionics were always in good shape in comparison to other Orions. I will miss them when they are finally retired. I was an AT1 with VP-47 and truly miss working on these aircraft.
What a great shot of a great plane
Lucius Gravely
Used to work them in and out of NBU (Glenview Naval Station) near Chicago. Looked up Glenview one day and found that the field is GONE! Just a memory now--just a plaque is left.
Glenn Mottley
I was on the downwind leg that day trying to get a decent pic of this same plane. Location, Location, Location. Nice shot!!!
Don Ridgeway
Great pic
Joe Laureano
I used to live under the approach Moffet NAS when they had several squadrons of them based there.... Loved to watch them buzz overhead as they returend back to base... one after the other only minutes apart
Worked with the A & B models out of Barbers Point, HI, 1970-1974.VP-17. Hard to believe they are being replaced by Boeing 737's. Great shot !!
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di 16-3004 dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
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