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Fokker 100 (N2011V)




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Patrick Slayton
This is a North American F100
Sanjiv Bhusry
That's a North American F-100 "Super Sabre" the first of the "Century Series" of Fighters/Interceptors. The F-100 also had the distinction of being the first frontline fighter designed to go supersonic in level flight.
Robert Jarwin
WOW, brings back memories of the first time I saw the Thunderbirds at Laredo...sooo cool
David Ingram
Often referred to as the Lead Sled but the Thunderbirds put on a super show with them.
Bill Butler
I thought the "Lead Sled" was the Blackbird.
NOT----a "Fokker 100".....USA's North American Aviation made these as "F-100 Super Sabres"
Michael Wulfsohn
I remember watching the Thunderbirds flying Super Sabres at an Air Force Academy graduation in COS when I was age 12. President Nixon gave the graduation speech. The T-Birds performed a perfect 5-plane "Bomb Burst," with the leader doing a 90 degree, spiral nose dive through the center.
Gavin Hughes
I remember a TV series back in the 50s called 'Steve Canyon' which featured Thunderbirds F100s. Had to watch it because it had planes in it.
I just you tubed steve canyon and one of the sites has a 5 minutes piece that has a young Leonard Nimoy in the scene with "Dr. Bellow"s" from I dream of genie. Dated 1958. Nimoy is playing a Seargent.
Gavin Hughes
Warmwynds... a number of later day well known actors started in bit parts in these older shows. You just never knew who'd make it.
a mentor
see https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:North_American_F-100F_Lead_Sled_(8596062981).jpg

here's another mistake ID; NOT the Blackbird; The Lockheed Martin SR-72, colloquially referred to as "Son of Blackbird",
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