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Cessna Skylane (N3440U)
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Cessna Skylane (N3440U)



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What a Classic!
Marcel Rivard
very nice pic
Great picture!
ron worley
nice ride
With the new generation of aircraft being produced from multiple manufacturers that out-perform the 1950's design of this fine SEL Cessna 182, prices still are climbing for comparable, used LKQ aircraft; because, they’re not usually priced in the $300K range.
However, this trend should reverse as buyers realize that the strength, performance and fuel savings of carbon fiber airframes, etc, are superior in essentially every comparison.
Further, used aircraft such as the Cirrus will be more readily available and will someday dominate the market.
Nevertheless, flown many of the Cessna, etc., line of aircraft; and, I still love them, and, the memories of flying friends and family around all over the USA.
Joan Williams
Nice pic! Did you get the prop blur from a slow shutter speed? I am learning to do that.
Viv Pike
Hi Joan,

Yes - the prop blur effect is controlled by shutter speed. The best way to practice, if you have a fan at home, take photos of the fan (set to maximum speed) with differing shutter speeds. A very fast shutter will capture the fan blades stationary, and with a very slow shutter, you'll almost not see the fan blades. Find a compromise of what you like (amount of prop blur) and work from there.

Joan Williams
Viv! I thank you! You answer all my questions and you are very knowledgeable.
Keep up the great work!
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