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Airbus A320 (N307FR)


The second ever visit by the NEO into Boise didn't disappoint. Full Quality photo --> http://www.airliners.net/photo/Frontier-Airlines/Airbus-A320-251N/5005959?qsp=eJwlTUsOwiAQvctbs7BpapWdXkAXXmACk0qCQIYxsWl6dxF37/82uJyUP/pYC8OiMol7wqCQ0KvCbi3wTior7DRMBsJLyAn2PBvE7Eg7Gw%2BneTCoWfTakvCkfHGOi7LHX7%2BJZ/lZXF3fX9pf6xSWe8cYj033oZZIfYOVQsS%2BfwFwtzUy


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Greg Byington
That's a great looking shot!
Kobe Hunte
wow! nice!

taking off or landing?
WOW great picture
iFlyGr8Photo Uploader
Thank you all for the comments. It was landing, Kobe
Leon Kay
Thank you for a great photo AND making me aware of another USA low cost carrier. I have been on their website and observed that I can make bookings through the internet.
My wife and I will be in Texas during our next USA visit. For some reason I am unable to gain access to the Texas based Southwest Airlines website. It only displays the following notice "Access Denied. You don't have permission to access this site". I even asked a friend that is employed by our biggest South African travel agency, who also confirmed that they were also unsuccessful in reaching the Southwest Airlines website.
David Seider
Somewhere under the RAINBOW Flew An Airbuss A=320
John Ryan
That's a horse of a different color.
Mark Koppa
Finished the inspection recently for this bird coming into the Frontier fold.
BTW, with the gear, flaps and leading edges down, Champ is coming in to land.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
07/giu/2020 A320internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 16:55 MDT 18:12 PDT Schedulato
07/giu/2020 A320Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale di Denver () 13:25 EDT 15:04 MDT Schedulato
07/giu/2020 A320internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Orlando () 06:49 MDT 11:57 EDT Schedulato
06/giu/2020 A20NInt'l Hopkins di Cleveland ()internazionale di Denver () 16:44 EDT 17:44 MDT Schedulato
06/giu/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland () 10:58 MDT 15:40 EDT Schedulato
05/giu/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Houston ()internazionale di Denver () 16:38 CDT 17:38 MDT 1:59
05/giu/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()internazionale di Houston () 12:53 MDT 15:36 CDT 1:42
04/giu/2020 A20NJohn Wayne ()internazionale di Denver () 19:50 PDT 22:34 MDT 1:43
04/giu/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()John Wayne () 17:48 MDT 18:48 PDT 1:59
04/giu/2020 A20NClinton National ()internazionale di Denver () 15:13 CDT 16:28 MDT 2:14
04/giu/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Clinton National () 11:20 MDT 13:54 CDT 1:34
01/giu/2020 A20NWill Rogers World ()internazionale di Denver () 16:37 CDT 16:51 MDT 1:13
01/giu/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Will Rogers World () 13:22 MDT 15:36 CDT 1:13
01/giu/2020 A20NInt'l di Lambert-St. Louis ()internazionale di Denver () 10:17 CDT 11:01 MDT 1:43
01/giu/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Lambert-St. Louis () 06:33 MDT 09:10 CDT 1:36
31/mag/2020 A20NInt'l di Salt Lake City ()internazionale di Denver () 22:44 MDT 23:40 MDT 0:56
31/mag/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 20:21 MDT 21:20 MDT 0:58
31/mag/2020 A20NInt'l di Memphis ()internazionale di Denver () 17:52 CDT 18:55 MDT 2:03
31/mag/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Memphis () 13:52 MDT 16:44 CDT 1:51
31/mag/2020 A20NInt'l di Portland ()internazionale di Denver () 09:07 PDT 12:10 MDT 2:03
31/mag/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Portland () 06:30 MDT 07:39 PDT 2:08
29/mag/2020 A20NInt'l di Palm Springs ()internazionale di Denver () 15:56 PDT 18:42 MDT 1:45
29/mag/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Palm Springs () 14:04 MDT 14:50 PDT 1:45
29/mag/2020 A20NInt'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()internazionale di Denver () 09:31 PDT 12:44 MDT 2:13
29/mag/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 06:40 MDT 08:26 PDT 2:46
28/mag/2020 A20NInt'l di Phoenix ()internazionale di Denver () 20:08 MST 22:31 MDT 1:22
28/mag/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Phoenix () 18:30 MDT 18:51 MST 1:20
28/mag/2020 A20NInt'l di Orlando ()internazionale di Denver () 15:09 EDT 16:31 MDT 3:21
28/mag/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Orlando () 08:23 MDT 13:41 EDT 3:17
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