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North American TB-25 Mitchell (N9079Z) - 'Panchito' flyby with the bomb bay open
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North American TB-25 Mitchell (N9079Z)


'Panchito' flyby with the bomb bay open


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Beautiful picture. Did you every think about how long it takes to polish this thing?
Mark ThomasPhoto Uploader
Thanks Paul! A labor of love for sure!
perfektes Foto
Bill A
Saw Panchito at Sun n Fun a few years back -- beautiful bird
I would not want to be the recipient of the firepower....
ken kemper
Swell pic Mark.

Like you are almost in the Mitchell.
Another terrific aircraft, I remember these from the war years. As "kids" we used to collect pictures of various "war birds".
I rode in this aircraft in Cincinnati (LUK) a few years ago and was told that it had been in my Dad's outfit in Corsica during the war. I was a bit skeptical but just recently saw in a book about the USAAF in Corsica a photo of "Panchito" with the 310th BG.
One tough aircraft.
Beautiful picture !!!...Beautiful bird !!!
jesse kyzer
1944 NORTH AMERICAN TB-25N Constructed as a B-25J-17-NC by North American
SUPER THANK YOU! to everyone who help keep these Ol birds flying.
Some history at: http://aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=33696
serge LOTH
mirror polish????????
William Owens
My Step Father flew tail gunner in one of these on night missions firing rockets at Japanese shipping targets, flying with "Crams Rams". He just recently passed away a few days ago, and would have been 94 this coming November 4th. He had unlimited stories to tell about the B-25s. He had just gone on one of the Honor flights last year, and had a great time.
Great shot Mark as always! 5***
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
18/set/2021 B25Salisbury Rgnl ()Delaware Coastal () 18:30 EDT 18:39 EDT (?) 0:09
18/set/2021 B25Salisbury Rgnl ()Salisbury Rgnl () 16:36 EDT 17:40 EDT 1:04
18/set/2021 B25Salisbury Rgnl ()Delaware Coastal () 16:36 EDT Dirottato
18/set/2021 B25Salisbury Rgnl ()Salisbury Rgnl () 16:14 EDT 16:22 EDT 0:07
18/set/2021 B25Salisbury Rgnl ()Salisbury Rgnl () 15:58 EDT 16:02 EDT 0:04
18/set/2021 B25Salisbury Rgnl ()Salisbury Rgnl () 14:59 EDT 15:45 EDT 0:46
18/set/2021 B25Salisbury Rgnl ()Salisbury Rgnl () 12:46 EDT 14:02 EDT 1:15
18/set/2021 B25Salisbury Rgnl ()Salisbury Rgnl () 11:15 EDT 12:27 EDT 1:12
18/set/2021 B25Delaware Coastal ()Salisbury Rgnl () 10:01 EDT 10:22 EDT 0:20
11/set/2021 B25Hagerstown Rgnl ()Delaware Coastal () 16:52 EDT 18:23 EDT (?) 1:30
11/set/2021 B25Hagerstown Rgnl ()Hagerstown Rgnl () 15:02 EDT 15:21 EDT 0:19
11/set/2021 B25Hagerstown Rgnl ()Hagerstown Rgnl () 13:30 EDT 13:55 EDT 0:24
11/set/2021 B25Hagerstown Rgnl ()Hagerstown Rgnl () 12:12 EDT 12:31 EDT 0:18
11/set/2021 B25Hagerstown Rgnl ()Hagerstown Rgnl () 11:03 EDT 11:25 EDT 0:22
11/set/2021 B25Hagerstown Rgnl ()Hagerstown Rgnl () 09:37 EDT 10:00 EDT 0:23
11/set/2021 B25Delaware Coastal ()Hagerstown Rgnl () 07:06 EDT 07:56 EDT 0:50
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