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(Video) "Crosswind turboprop torment"

"More BHXwinds action (X-winds at BHX airport), as Dash-8 and ATR twin-engines have a difficult time coping with gusts and windshear." (www.youtube.com) Altro...

Expedia acquires Travelocity in $280 million deal

With the deal, Expedia, which owns travel sites including Hotels.com and Hotwire, is building upon a 2013 marketing agreement that it had with Travelocity, the companies said in statement on Friday. Under that partnership, Expedia provided customer service for Travelocity and supported its websites in the U.S. and Canada. The acquisition gives Expedia more control over overall bookings. (www.businessweek.com) Altro...

In-Flight Catalog SkyMall Files for Bankruptcy

The company behind the in-flight catalog SkyMall filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Thursday, a victim of evolving rules and technology that now lets airline passengers keep their smartphones and tablets powered up during flight. An auction will be held on or about March 24, Mr. Wiley said, and any sale of SkyMall’s assets will close in April. (www.latimes.com) Altro...

20 Hours of Sim Time for Instrument Students? Well, No

Remember when we made a big deal last month about the FAA permitting more training time in flight simulators to count toward the instrument rating? Well forget about it. The FAA formally withdrew that policy today, and then reinstated the mind-boggling requirement that instrument students wear Foggles or other view-limiting devices while flying on instruments in a simulator. The reason for the withdrawal? The agency received one negative comment from someone who apparently didn't like the… (www.flyingmag.com) Altro...

U.S. fines Southwest Airlines $1.6 million over runway delays

The U.S. government on Thursday fined Southwest Airlines Co $1.6 million in what it said was the biggest civil penalty levied against an airline for violating rules barring long waits for passengers in planes on the runway. The Department of Transportation said Southwest had failed to abide by the rules last January when 16 of its aircraft were delayed on the tarmac at Chicago Midway International Airport. Passengers were not given the chance to get off the planes after three hours, and the… (www.reuters.com) Altro...

'Am I Going Down?' New app analyzes odds of your flight crashing

If you're flying on a Boeing 777 Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles on any given day, there's a one in 4,068,434 chance that your plane will crash. At least that's what a new app called "Am I Going Down?" says. (www.cnn.com) Altro...

Gogo issues fake youtube SSL certificates to enforce blocking of streaming

Gogo has been caught issuing a fake digital certificate for YouTube, a practice that in theory could allow the inflight broadband provider to view passwords and other sensitive information exchanged between end users and the Google-owned video service. (arstechnica.com) Altro...