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AirBaltic to launch CS300 long-haul flights to Abu Dhabi

Latvian carrier airBaltic plans to launch 4X-weekly Riga-Abu Dhabi Bombardier CS300 service beginning Oct. 29, in cooperation with Etihad Airways, the Riga-based carrier announced Feb. 24. ( Altro...

‘Papers, please’: Immigration agents check IDs of passengers arriving from domestic flight

U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed Thursday that their agents requested to see the identification of domestic flight passengers landing at a New York airport Wednesday night as they searched for an immigrant who had received a deportation order to leave the United States. ( Altro...

Heathrow sees record 75.7m passengers in 2016

Heathrow welcomed a record 75.7 million passengers in 2016, up one per cent on the previous year. Passenger charges fell by one per cent at the UK’s largest airport, as Heathrow retained its position as Europe’s best hub for the third year running. ( Altro...

(Video) Boeing 717 Stall during test flight

Amazing video of a recovery after an unusual attitude during a stall test. ( Altro...


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