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FlightAware announces the release of PiAware version 3.3

PiAware 3.3 is now available for new installations and upgrades. ( Altro...

KC Man sentenced to three years in federal prison for laser strike

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced today that a Kansas City, Mo., man has been sentenced in federal court for aiming his laser pointer at a Kansas City, Mo, Police Department helicopter. ( Altro...

First low-cost Asian airline cleared for flights to the U.S.

Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia says it's gotten the all clear from U.S. authorities to fly its jetliners to American airports -- the first low-cost Asian airline to do so. Founded by charismatic businessman Tony Fernandes, AirAsia pioneered the low-cost model in Asia, delivering rapid growth as it undercut bloated legacy carriers in the region with its no frills approach. The U.S. flights will be operated by its long-haul affiliate, AirAsia X, which currently focuses on destinations in… ( Altro...

Airport overhaul in San Diego to address climate change, protect owls

A billion-dollar project to develop the Brown Field Municipal Airport in Otay Mesa will include efforts to help offset greenhouse-gas emissions, as well as protect San Diego’s dwindling population of burrowing owls. ( Altro...

United eyeing 767 replacement in fleet review

United Airlines is evaluating options for a replacement of its Boeing 767 fleet, as part of its on-going widebody fleet review. The 767 is the only aircraft that the Chicago-based carrier does not have a “line of sight” in terms of a replacement in its fleet, said president Scott Kirby in a recorded question and answer session with employees in Denver viewed by FlightGlobal. ( Altro...

A Look at the Remaining Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 Orders & Deliveries

Jumbo and Superjumbo jets have captivated passengers and airlines for decades. Unfortunately, the economics of these aircraft are becoming a tough sell for the manufacturers, partly due to the dwindling economic performance. The days that the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 are in production could become numbered soon. ( Altro...

Six killed in Italy rescue helicopter crash

(CNN)An emergency helicopter crashed in the mountains of central Italy Tuesday, killing at least six people. The crash near the ski resort of Campo Felice in the province of L'Aquila happened during an operation to rescue an injured skier, according to the Prefecture of L'Aquila. Two members of the Guardia di Finanzia police, three medical personnel and the injured skier were killed. The crash took place around 12:15pm at an altitude of 600 meters and was caused by bad weather, according to the… ( Altro...

ANAC New Rules for Passengers Traveling in Brazil

ANAC (Agencia Nacional de Aviação Civil) – approved changes in the rules of the air transport that will change the way to travel! With the news, Brazil adhere to the international best practices of aviation and is replaced by more modern rules, aligned with the code of consumer protection. In addition, changes amplify the flexibility of choice, strengthening the consumer, ensuring greater transparency and better services for travellers. Stay tuned the new rules! The news are worth for tickets… ( Altro...

Incident: Nippon Cargo B747 at Chicago on Jan 21st 2017, flock of large birds all over the windscreen

A Nippon Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-800, registration JA11KZ performing freight flight KZ-192 from Chicago O'Hare,IL (USA) to Frankfurt Hahn (Germany), was in the initial climb out of O'Hare's runway 28R when the crew reported they flew through a flock of large birds, about 20-25 birds ( Altro...


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