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Video of Water bomber refilling with water from the inside.
The reason that it’s so rare to see footage like this is because there are simply not many of these planes around. Only 90 CL-415s were built and they’re not used on a continuo (Altro)
An all-electric ‘flying car’ take its first test flight in Germany
Today, Munich-based Lilium Aviation announced an important milestone: the first test flight of its all-electric, two-seater, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) prototype. (Altro)
One of the last airworthy Boeing 747-200s flies into retirement
SEATTLE -- A Kalitta Air Boeing 747-200 delivers a soft puff of white smoke as the jet completes its second-to-last landing ever Thursday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airpor (Altro)
Boeing Details Interior Arrangement Of The 777-9
Boeing 777-9 to seat 414 passengers in two-class lay out Boeing 777-9 to seat 349 passengers in three-class lay out The Boeing 777-9 costing roughly $200 million adds mor (Altro)
Baltimore Armed Fallston Man Arrested At BWI, Officials Say
Authorities said the Harford County man had a gun loaded with 15 bullets, including one in the chamber, as he went through BWI security. (Altro)
American Airlines' Employee Suspended After Row With Passengers
American Airlines (AAL.O) has suspended an employee after a video showed an altercation on one of its planes involving crew, several passengers and a crying woman carrying a yo (Altro)