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White Plains, NY ()
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The $65 European Airfare Is Coming to the U.S.
Norwegian Air International Ltd., no stranger to going where others won’t, is about to try this strategy with a new, smaller Boeing jet: the 737 Max. Norwegian, which has the h (Altro)
(Video) Boeing 717 Stall during test flight
Amazing video of a recovery after an unusual attitude during a stall test. (Altro)
Passengers feel the squeeze as planes take off with more seats, less elbow room
Feel like your coach seat on an overseas flight is a tighter squeeze? You're probably right. Airlines already have been wedging in more passengers by swapping heavily padded (Altro)
Boeing company uses A321 in website promo
A Boeing company, Inventory Locator Service, yesterday posted an Evolution of Boeing graphic on its website that traces key points in Boeing’s history. There was a problem, (Altro)
Lufthansa to fly Airbus A350-900s to Mumbai from April
German flag carrier Lufthansa today said beginning this summer it will fly Airbus A350-900s to connect Munich with Mumbai. From April 16, Mumbai will be the third destinatio (Altro)
Airlines told to pay flight compensation
American, Etihad, Emirates, Singapore and Turkish Airlines will have to obey European laws or be taken to court. (Altro)


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