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Hawaiian Airlines Posts $80.4 Million 2Q Net Profit
Hawaiian Holdings, parent of Hawaiian Airlines, posted $80.4 million net income for the 2017 second quarter, up 1.1% from $79.6 million net profit in 2Q 2017. (Altro)
The U.S. Air Force Wants Permission to Shoot Down Civilian Drones
The head of the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command wants permission to deal with civilian drones-including shooting them down-that threaten to interfere with flight operations (Altro)
Hawaiian Airlines Unveils Three New Year-Round West Coast Routes, Begins Sales for Airbus A321neo Flights
HONOLULU – Hawaiian Airlines will expand its U.S. West Coast presence with the arrival of an A321neo fleet by adding three new non-stop daily routes early next year: Portland-M (Altro)
‘A Painful and Frustrating Experience’: Horizon Air Scheduling Havoc Will Continue Into the Fall
The pilot-shortage crisis at Alaska Air subsidiary Horizon Air continues after multiple flight cancellations. The airline is contracting with SkyWest as well as bringing in Ala (Altro)
This 30-Year-Old Pilot Says She is The Youngest Woman in The World to Captain a Boeing 777
Indian pilot Anny Divya claims to have become the youngest woman in the world to captain a Boeing 777. (Altro)
Firefighting planes dive in to scoop some water...
The CL-415 is an amphibious water bomber purpose-built to land in bodies of water, scoop up a bellyful of H20, and drop it on wildfires. The planes scoop up a full load of 1,69 (Altro)