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London, England () 26 min26 min
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Washington, DC ()
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Los Angeles, CA ()
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Dallas-Fort Worth, TX ()
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Top Aviation Apps take flight with Gogo
able to connect to popular pilot apps – such as Garmin, JetFuelX, FlightAware (Altro)
IT'S WAR: United Airlines President Slams Frontier After $39 Ticket Announcement and Vows 'United Will Win'
On Wednesday, United Airlines president Scott Kirby weighed in on Frontier Airlines' plan to double the number of its routes and return to a network business model. (Altro)
Boeing 787 Payback Gap Widens
The 787 Dreamliner is now on its sixth delivery year, well past half calendar time in the program’s 1,300 unit accounting block (for the explanation of accounting block and pro (Altro)
Air France Names Boost Airline ‘Joon’
French Skyteam carrier Air France has christened its new lower-cost airline, which was previously known as the Boost project, as ‘Joon’ and named Jean-Michel Mathieu as CEO. (Altro)
British Airways announces partnership with The White Company
With the aim of offering passengers a great night's sleep in the air, British Airways announces a partnership with The White Company ... (Altro)
EasyJet's new airline is a clever but expensive response to Brexit
There will now be three easyJets, all with a capital letter in the wrong place and all located in different places - one in the UK, one in Switzerland and now one in Austria. (Altro)